Tool Set Fit For Both Locksmith & Picker?

A mischievous tongue in cheek way to begin a story of hope and encouragement for a one-man operation. But you can rest assured that the devious mind has already been there and done that. As a professional thief, never having been caught, he probably tried his hand at a locksmith tool set. But then again, the mischievous thief doesn’t have it all. He’s in the game of thieving, not locksmithing, and the consummate locksmith, a one-man show or a formidable team, will have taken matters further.

By now they have conjured up new ways to keep the thieves out. Picking locks is one thing, easy to do if you have the right pick, but what do you do if you don’t, and that’s the thing. Locksmiths can custom make a lock for their beleaguered customers who have been robbed blind before. And of course, they can do this with any of the tools attached to their new tool set. How much quicker and better they can work.

Customers are always stuck in a jam and in order for business to flow, the locksmith needs to keep his doors ajar for longer than the usual burning hours. Emergencies crop up at those dastardly hours. That’s also when thieves like to believe that they can do their best work. Don’t even try. The locks’ been changed. Don’t even go there. Put away the tool set because you won’t know how to use the tools.

locksmith tool set

You’re no locksmith. Try picking the lock on your cell door because sooner rather than later, you’ll get caught. And pick it with what? Your fingernails? Anyhow, you might want to try being a locksmith for a change. It’s a good job. You get to, like, help people out, not rob them blind. 

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