What do You Need to Clean a Gun?

It is easy to clean a gun and a chore that most owners complete themselves. It is important that you clean the gun to ensure that it fires properly and that it looks the best. But, before you sit down to complete this job, make sure you have all of the items that you need to clean. Without these items it is much harder to clean the weapon. But, exactly what do you need to clean a gun?

First, make sure you have a cleaning rod, whether you own an awesome smith & wesson or other brand of weapon. This is a tool that can damage the gun if you are not careful, so be sure to carefully select the product before you buy. A softer material is usually better than steel.

You need a jag to clean as well. This is a tool that goes on the end of the cleaning rod to hold it in place while it is inside the weapon. Make sure to choose the jag carefully because they are not all created the same. This is an inexpensive product that you can buy to ensure thorough cleaning of the gun.

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Run a patch through the bore after the cleaning rod is used. Make sure that you have patches on hand. There are a few different types of patches that you can use. For many people, the cotton patches ae the preferred choice. They’re easy to clean with and soft and inexpensive to buy.

A cleaning brush is also an item that you need on hand to clean your weapon. Choose a quality brush that will not damage the inside of the weapon, such as a bronze brush. Of course, there are other types of brushes to choose from as well, so consider them all before you buy.

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